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We are experts in the field of property law, and always go above and beyond to provide a proficient and expeditious service, which ultimately leads to sound and enduring relationships with our clients.

We are experienced in the registration of Sectional Title Developments, commercial property and private property, so whether you’re purchasing or selling real estate, refinancing your private or commercial real estate, planning to build your own home or wanting to extend an existing building, our firm is able to offer you expert contractual, commercial and conveyancing services

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Criminal Litigation

We have extensive experience dealing with a variety of criminal matters. With an understanding of the processes of criminal litigation, there is a guarantee that the accused’s rights will be protected throughout the legal process.

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Family Law

An important factor when dealing with Matrimonial matters is compassion. We are experienced in every facet of family matters including but not limited to Parenting Plans, Divorces, Ante Nuptial and Post Nuptial Agreements, Maintenance Orders and Agreements and Mediation.

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Will, Estates, and Insolvency

We have extensive experience in the winding up of deceased estates, the drafting of Last Wills and Testaments, as well as advising on Insolvency procedures.

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Evictions and Hijacked Buildings

Our offices have been tasked with both the eviction of tenants and assisting those who have been unlawfully evicted. We have also successfully litigated in matters of hijacked buildings.

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Insurance Law and Claims for Material Damages

If you have suffered a loss as the result of the wilful or negligent conduct of another like material damage incurred in a motor vehicle accident, or damage to your vehicle as a result of hitting a pothole (failure to maintain public roads), a claim to recover such loss should be instituted and we can assist you.

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